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How to plan the ultimate backyard movie night

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Outdoor movies are more than a trend: they are a fun way to connect with loved ones, especially when social distance is crucial. Planning a backyard movie night can seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Below are tips to plan a memorable outdoor film experience:

1. Choose the Right Equipment

The essentials for an outdoor movie are a projector, a screen, and sound equipment. Ensure the projector can display high-quality images and connect it to a sound system for high-quality audio. Brands like BenQ and Epson are reliable options for projectors and offer a range of models. In contrast, outdoor screens come in inflatable or collapsible options. Larger screens may be ideal if you plan to host a relatively significant gathering of people.

2. Find the Right Location

The location of your backyard movie night will depend on the equipment you have. You will need a relatively large open space – a yard, deck, or patio – to set up your screen and projector. Avoid bright light sources such as streetlights, porch lights, and neighbors’ homes, as they can interfere with the movie screening.

3. Set the Right Mood

Creating the right ambiance can help your backyard movie night be more enjoyable. Prioritize setting up comfortable seating arrangements, such as cushions, chairs, or beanbags. Consider having blankets available for warmth. Creating a comfortable and welcoming space for your guests can boost the experience. String lighting can also be a great way to accentuate the outdoors and create a cozy atmosphere.

4. Select an Appropriate Film

Choosing the right movie is essential – you do not want people to leave halfway through the film. Choose a movie that accommodates your vision. A classic comedy or horror movie may work, or you could choose the latest blockbuster film. Aim to match the audience’s tastes you have invited, if watching with family, consider choosing a movie that the kids will enjoy.

5. Have Plenty of Snacks

An outdoor movie night is not complete without snacks. Choose food options that will be easy for your guests to eat on their laps. Consider traditional movie snacks like popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos, and get creative with it. Also, don’t forget to offer plenty of drinks and mini coolers to keep them chilled.

6. Plan for Face-Masks and Bug repellents

Provide masks for those who may feel sick or who prefer to wear one or adhere to social distancing. And don’t forget insect repellent! There’s nothing worse than mosquitoes, flies, and other insects getting in the way of a good time. Think about stocking up on bug sprays and candles to keep them at bay.

7. Make It Weather-Proof

Weather should always be a consideration when planning an outdoor movie night. Ensure you have a contingency plan in case of rain or wind. Consider having umbrellas on standby as well as backup outdoor space to host the event.

In conclusion, an outdoor movie night is a fun and memorable experience for all involved. Whether hosting family and friends, or a whole community, planning the ultimate backyard movie night requires a bit of creativity and effort, but the reward is worth it. With these tips, you can create an unforgettable outdoor movie night for an evening of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment.

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